Competitive Program

The Competitive Program is for climbers who are serious about competing and have a desire to learn how to train. Team members will focus their training on how to become a stronger, smarter, and more efficient climber. This program is designed to inspire and challenge climbers to achieve their highest potential both physically and mentally, to increase self-confidence and personal responsibility, to develop communication and self-expression skills, while working successfully as a member of a winning team.
A kid climbing the climbing wall
In addition to practice, members receive an individualized training program. Members also participate in training clinics; sanctioned rope, boulder, and speed competitions ranging from the local level to world Championships; outdoor climbing trips; social activities; and fundraising. Climbers must be prepared for a comprehensive training and competition calendar and committed to competing through the mid-summer championships season.

Program Details
  • There are 3 competitive categories
    • Junior
    • Intermediate
    • Elite
  • Maximum Team Size: 12 members
  • Ages: 10-19
  • Bouldering Season: Late September - February
  • Sport Climbing Season: March - June
Join the Team
Contact the Climbing Coordinator by email or phone at 843-762-8090.