Future Skate Park: SK8 Charleston

SK8 Charleston, now under construction at 1549 Oceanic Street, is the Lowcountry’s premier concrete skate park. This 25-acre site overlooking the Ashley River contains 32,500 square feet of skateable terrain designed and built by Team Pain Skate Parks. The park boasts a massive 200+ foot long snake run that funnels riders down into a 9-foot deep pocket lined with Federal Stone pool block. The skate park features a Pro Bowl with an 11.5-foot deep end (18 in. of vert), an 8-foot deep side pocket (6 in. of vert) and a 6-foot deep shallow end.
Sk8 Charleston Construction Photo Gallery
There is an Intermediate Bowl with a 7-foot deep end and a 5-foot deep shallow end. Both bowls are adorned with Tedder Stone pool coping. The street course is over 315-feet long and contains three pieces of “skate art” and three pieces of marble. The park truly offers something for everyone, regardless of your ability.

SK8 Charleston is handicapped-accessible and has a raised building with a large viewing deck overlooking all the action. There is a small skate shop, food and drink concessions, restrooms, and covered and uncovered seating.

Background on the Skate Park

Composed of 3.3 acres of highland and adjoining marsh, the future skate park property at 1549 Oceanic Street is adjacent to I-26 and overlooks the Ashley River marshes. To the north is the proposed Magnolia Development.

The park’s design/build team is focused on creating a cost-efficient, quality, safe and durable skate recreation facility that meets the needs of the community. The team is currently working on plans for skate features, a building for restrooms and concessions, an event lawn area, and parking and drop-off areas.

SK8 Charleston Construction Team

Hightower Construction

A company with over 50 years of experience ranging from projects for Boeing to other projects for the City of Charleston and Charleston County.

SGA Architecture, LLC

An award-winning firm of experts on shaping the natural and built environment.

Team Pain

Skate park specialist group with over 30 years of experience creating custom skate parks and skate structures world-wide.

For upcoming updates on the skate park site and its progress, stay tuned to this page.