1. Skate park is still under construction and not open to the public.

    Listed hours will go into effect after construction is completed. We are working to expedite the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy which will legally allow us to open the park. Hours and fees are subject to change. Read On...
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SK8 Charleston

SK8 Charleston, 25-acres overlooking the Ashley River, contains 32,500 square feet of skate-able terrain designed and built by Team Pain Skate Parks. The park boasts a massive 200+ foot long snake run that funnels riders down into a 9-foot deep pocket lined with Federal Stone pool block. The skate park features a Pro Bowl with an 11.5-foot deep end (18 in. of vert), an 8-foot deep side pocket (6 in. of vert) and a 6-foot deep shallow end. There is an Intermediate Bowl with a 7-foot deep end and a 5-foot shallow end. Both bowls are adorned with Tedder Stone pool coping. The street course is over 315-feet long and contains three pieces of “skate art” and three pieces of marble.
Skateboarder at SK8 Charleston
SK8 Charleston is handicapped-accessible and has a raised building with a large viewing deck overlooking all the action. There is a small skate shop, food and drink concessions, restrooms, and covered and uncovered seating.