Move IT! Charleston County

Move IT! Charleston County is a program that aims to be a model for community health and wellness, using both physician-referred and self-enrolled approaches. Through Move IT!, we'll leverage the medical expertise of physicians and organizations like the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Medical Association, park and recreation resources, and the Department of Health and Human Services.
Move IT! programs are open to everyone and help individuals gradually and safely progress from low to high levels of activity. Courses range from offerings that help improve participants’ overall health to others that can help people lose weight through calorie-burning or those that train enrollees for athletic events like races or other competitions.

Getting Involved In Move IT!
Physician-Referred Programs

The physician-referred approach to Move IT! Charleston County involves physicians identifying patients with chronic health conditions who would benefit from physical activity. Highly trained fitness professionals conduct classes specifically designed for patients managing chronic conditions. Each program blends structured physical activity with targeted health education and healthy lifestyle strategies to promote health and well-being. Participants will engage in this program at various locations, and their activities will be tracked and measured.

Register for Physician-Referred Programs

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Self-Enroll Programs

Move IT! self-enrolled program, participants can select the level of fitness that meets their needs and goals, register for outdoor fitness classes and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Charleston County Parks. Outdoor workouts, often dubbed “green exercise,” have been touted as a great alternative to the gym because of the calming effects that communing with nature has proven to provide.
H2O Moves Class
Benefits of contact with the great outdoors has been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and provide enhanced survival and recovery after a heart attack or surgery. Vitamin D, supplied by sunshine, has been shown to help ward off a variety of diseases and build bone strength. Not to mention, Mother Nature can be more nurturing than a gym when it comes to mood, self-esteem and mental health.

How To Join

Interested participants of all levels of fitness are invited to take part. For information on registering, view our lineup of fitness programs, or call Park & Program Services at 843-795-4386.