Slip Fees

Slip Fees are listed per foot of slip length, based on a 25-foot minimum, with accommodations up to 40 feet. There is an electricity surcharge of $16 per month per 30amp service.
Standard Rate
Charleston County
Resident Rate*
$12.10/ft per month
$9.68/ft per month
$11.05/ft per month
$8.84/ft per month
$1.80/ft per 24 hours
$1.44/ft per 24 hours
Transient Monthly
Boat Yard Storage
$55.00 per month
(over 30-ft) $65.00 per month
$44.00 per month
(over 30-ft) $52.00 per month
Dinghy Storage
$5.00 per month
10% off standard transient rate with valid Boat US Membership.
*Charleston County residents contribute to the development of our county park system through property taxes, therefore a discounted rate is available to them.

Park fees, operating schedules, and hours are subject to change without notice.