Construction Timeline

SK8 Charleston Construction Team

Hightower Construction

A company with over 50 years of experience ranging from projects for Boeing to other projects for the City of Charleston and Charleston County.

SGA Architecture, LLC

An award-winning firm of experts on shaping the natural and built environment.

Team Pain

Skate park specialist group with over 30 years of experience creating custom skate parks and skate structures world-wide.

For upcoming updates on the skate park site and its progress, stay tuned to this page.

December 2016

We are working to expedite the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy which will legally allow us to open the park. The current construction and permitting schedule forecasts the opening to be a late January 2017 to an early February 2017 time frame.
Josh McFadden by Quinn Knight (2)

November 2016

SK8 Charleston is in its final construction stages! The registration building is well underway, with the monolith concrete main floor in place, framing is defining the shape of the structure. Premium sport lighting has been erected over the skate elements. Site grading continues with other site features to follow, including sidewalk construction, water fountain placement, electrical work, and planting/irrigation will be conducted over the next month. The site remains closed at this time.
We are also excited to announce that Josh McFadden will be the park manager of SK8 Charleston! Josh, a Philadelphia native, has lived in Charleston since moving here in 2006 to attend the College of Charleston. He began skating while in elementary school and has remained an active and passionate skater ever since. Josh is enthusiastic about sharing his love for skating with new skaters and seasoned veterans alike.

June 2016

Team Pain has completed their portion of the concrete skateboarding elements; however, support facilities for the park are still under construction. Utility structures, light poles, electrical, water fountains, irrigation, and grading are underway around the finished skate features. Following this will be the construction of sidewalks and planting. Due to many factors an exact opening date is not yet available.

SK8 Charleston will have some painted skate elements to uniquely identify the park in photographs and videos, using a color scheme inspired by CCPRC’s logo.

Some community members have asked us why the park cannot yet be accessed by the public. The answer is because the site is an active construction zone and is highly regulated by various agencies including OSHA, DHEC/OCRM, SCDOT and others. Public use of the property would violate many national, statewide and local laws and procedures and make us subject to harsh fines. Until all agencies sign off, including the City of Charleston’s inspections department, which issues a Certificate of Occupancy, access at any time of day is strictly prohibited and is being enforced by the City of Charleston Police Department.

CCPRC’s contractor, Hightower Construction Company, LLC, is in control of the site at this time. Hightower has over 50 years of quality construction experience, and we feel their means and methods of construction are the best. Every item to be constructed has a strict process and schedule. We are very fortunate that the skating elements were completed 5 months ahead of schedule by Team Pain, but many other portions of the project still have far to go. We are hopeful the remainder of the construction can be expedited.

Please be patient with this process as we build this AMAZING skate park, and stay tuned for further updates!

February 2016

SK8 Charleston is now a construction zone! After site grading began in late January, park construction is in progress, starting with the bowl and working around to the street course. Team Pain’s best crew began work on the bowl in early February. Piles for footings for the buildings are now in place. The skate park team is still waiting for some final permits for all phases of construction to begin. An exact opening date is unknown at this time, but we estimate that SK8 Charleston will open in fall 2016.
This site is an active construction zone that is closed to the public. Please stay tuned to this web page for updates on and photos/videos of the progress of SK8 Charleston!

Oct. 27, 2015

Today, we officially broke ground on the skate park construction! Phase two of the process, including construction of the park and building, will soon begin. A small ceremony featured remarks from Shannon Smith of Pour It Now and representatives from CCPRC, as well as the unveiling of some new artistic 3D renderings from Team Pain. Thank you to those who braved the unfortunate inclement weather, especially the large group of attendees from Pour It Now.

CCPRC and Pour It Now breaking ground on skate park

October 2015

The site stability phase has been completed early. Originally thought to take anywhere from 6 to 10 months, the site surcharge took just 5 months to complete. Soon excess dirt will be hauled off, preparing the site for the next phase of construction. Utilizing the input from the public meeting held this past June, the skate park plans as well as the facility and building construction plans have been completed and are under review by permitting agencies. Once agency approvals are received, construction can resume. Stay tuned to this website for construction updates!

June 2015

The SK8 Charleston public meeting was held on June 18. Thank you so much to all who attended and provided great feedback. We saw several versions of the current plans for the park from Team Pain. Plans are subject to change based on comments we received at the meeting about the park features. If you were unable to attend and have questions/comments you would like to provide before the design is finalized, public comments will be collected through July 31, 2015. Also, some other great news presented at this public meeting – we now have a target date for the opening of SK8 Charleston! Our goal is to open the skate park by Fall 2016. 

April 2015

Construction of SK8 Charleston is underway! The City of Charleston released earthwork permits allowing the site soil improvement and surcharge work to begin on April 7, 2015.

The construction will take place in two phases. The first phase is to improve the soft soils found on this site using a “compression” method. Common to the Lowcountry, this method involves a “surcharge” or preloading of the site, with soil as weight, to compensate or minimize post-construction settlement. Over the next 3 months, a large quantity of soil will be trucked onto the site and put in place by earth-moving equipment. Additionally, geotechnical stabilization fabric (pictured) will be layered within the soil for added strength.   
The objective is to eliminate the primary consolidation settlement and enough secondary settlement, such that the residual settlement is within acceptable performance limits, for construction of the concrete slabs for the skate park. Once the new soil is in place, the area will be monitored to achieve the optimum soil density. Gravity and time are required to meet this goal; it is estimated the soil surcharge should stay in place for approximately 8 to 10 months. The second phase of construction, building the park facilities, will begin once the site is stabilized. For the safety of the public, the site will be closed to the public during construction.  

The design team will utilize the site surcharging period to develop the skate park design and other park amenities.  To do this, a public meeting was held on June 18, 2015, at Edisto Hall located within James Island County Park.

January 2015

Currently, Hightower Construction, LLC has engaged geotechnical engineers to assist in soil analysis and stabilization solutions for a site preparation plan. This step to prepare the site is fundamental in providing a high quality skate experience and for longevity of the future park. The geotechnical engineers are performing lab tests to simulate soil preparation solutions and determine best construction methods. Soil preparation is anticipated to start in March 2015. While we are mitigating the soil quality, the good news is we still have a great site on the peninsula thanks to generous donations from the City of Charleston and the Speedwell Foundation. A date for the public meeting is to be determined, but we anticipate it to take place in Spring 2015. 

August 2014

Soil testing and ground condition testing was completed on the Oceanic Street site in Spring 2014, a necessary step in the structural design of the park building and concrete skate features. During this process, it was determined that the grounds of the site would require an extensive cleanup to make the land suitable to support the construction of a skate park. Keeping the park site on the Charleston peninsula remains a high priority for many parties involved in the project. Thanks to generous contributions by the City of Charleston and the Speedwell Foundation, funds were raised to allow for the proper repairs of the land in order to keep the skate park site at Oceanic Street.

Due Diligence & Closing Period

At an August 18, 2014 commission meeting, a motion was passed to authorize the purchase of the property and continue with moving forward with the skate park at the Oceanic Street site. We are currently undergoing a 15-day due diligence period. Following that time frame will be a 30-day closing period, during which the agency will purchase the land from sellers Ashley II of Charleston.
Following the public meeting, the design of the skate park will be completed, and the land at the site will be refined and repaired in order to allow for construction. This process should take approximately 6 months, and after that time, construction of SK8 Charleston will begin!