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Rip Currents

Safe Swim Lowcountry

Image of Rip Current diagram courtesy of the USLA
Rip Current Facts
  • Rip currents are channels of water that flow out into the ocean.
  • They can be very strong and move very fast – up to 8 miles and hour.
  • Rips pull people away from shore, but will not pull a person under.
  • A rip current may be narrow, or up to over 100-yards wide.
  • 80% of all surf rescues are due to rip currents.
What Does a Rip Current Look Like?
  • Churning, choppy water
  • Different water color
  • Foam or seaweed moving seaward
  • Break in the wave pattern
What Do You Do If You Get Caught In a Rip Current?
  • Don’t panic.
  • Do not try to swim against the current.
  • Swim along the shoreline to get out of the rip.
  • Swim back to the shore diagonally (away from where the rip was).
  • Wave for help if you are in trouble.

Link to more information on rip currents from the National Weather Service Link to more information on rip currents from the USLA

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