Lifeguard Flags

At the beach parks, the lifeguard stands display various flags and signs to convey dangerous or threatening areas and give current information about the water environment. The displayed signs also offer information regarding currents and tides. Read them before getting in the ocean. 

Yellow Flag

  • Use caution 
  • Rough water or possible dangerous sea life 
  • The ocean is never 100% safe, so always treat it with respect, watch your children, and swim with a buddy 

Red Flag

  • No swimming 
  • The water is closed due to dangerous currents, severe storms or lighting 
  • Possible dangerous sea life 

Purple Flag

  • Sea pests 
  • There are a higher than normal number of possibly dangerous marine animals in the water, including jellyfish, stingray, man-of-war 
  • This is not intended to be used to notify the presence of sharks