East Coast Paddlesports Symposium

March 29-31, 2019 at James Island County Park

The 29th annual East Coast Paddlesports Symposium is a three-day immersion in the history, technique, hands-on experience, and fun of kayaking. Paddling enthusiasts will not be disappointed. We have taken the best parts of this event and modified the format to offer a more diverse and student-centered experience in the number one city in the U.S.

How Does It Work?

After being matched with 5-8 paddlers of similar skill and interest, you will be assigned to a group leader/local instructor who can provide area knowledge, logistical details, and continuity throughout your time with us. Each day you will get a chance to work with a different lead coach who is a seasoned and proven instructor/coach. Learning venues will be based on what King Neptune gives us that day and on the environment needed to meet learning objectives.

Sounds Good to Me! Where Do I Begin?

Choose from among the skill levels below, and then head on over to registration. (Registration opens late October.)

  1. Getting Started in the Ocean
  2. Ocean Improver
  3. Ocean Explorer

You identify as a fair-weather paddler and are looking to increase enjoyment and efficiency on the water.

Your Environmental Comfort Zone

  • Winds 10 knots or less
  • Waves less than 1 foot
  • Traveling 1-8 miles 

Topics We'll Cover

  • Forward Paddling
  • Turning Strokes
  • Lateral Strokes
  • Support Strokes
  • Intro to Rolling
  • Assisted & self-Rescues
  • Navigation Basics (Dead Reckoning)

Possible Teaching Venues

  • James Island County Park Lake
  • Folly River
  • Stono River
  • Charleston Harbor

Stroke refinement, Rolling and Navigation clinics will be available to sign up for on site if you wish to take a break from the action. If you are traveling with a paddling partner, let us know, and we will group you together if you would like.