Rules & Regulations

Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament Ending

  1. The Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament Committee recently voted to end the tournament of 53 years after its current season ends on Oct. 31, 2019. Read on for details...

Entry Blanks

All entries must be on official entry cards available at all certified weighing stations and mailed to Tournament Headquarters promptly. All entry cards must be postmarked no later than thirty days after weigh-in or release of fish. No entry received after November 10, 2019 will be considered for the 18-19 tournament year. All entry cards must be completed in full for eligibility. Anglers (not weigh stations) are responsible for submitting entry cards.
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Ecology Award

Release entry cards are available at all official weighing stations. Ecology entry cards may also be submitted online. Recognition is given at the end of the tournament to male, female, youth, and boat category winners. Ecology Certificates will be presented to anglers with 100 or more points. Fish must be alive and in good condition when released. A release occurs when the hook is physically removed or wire is cut by the angler or mate. Any catch and release points earned on a licensed charter boat will go towards the charter boat’s total points. They cannot be credited to an individual. View Ecology Award point values here.

Angling Methods

All fish entered must be caught on rod and reel except for freshwater species and sheepshead; cane poles are permitted for these species. No handlines are permitted. Fish snagged, gigged, shot, netted, or harpooned are ineligible. Anglers must play and land fish without assistance. Length of fish and catch limits must meet Federal and State laws. Fly Rods must conform to generally-accepted fly fishing customs. The fly must be a recognized type of artificial fly and not natural or preserved bait.

Tackle Divisions


  • Ultra Light Tackle - 8 lb. test line or less
  • Light Tackle - Over 8 lb. through 20 lb. test line
  • General Tackle - Over 20 lb. test line
  • Fly Rod - 30 lb. test tippet or less


  • Ultra Light Tackle - 8 lb. test line or less
  • Light Tackle - Over 8 lb. through 14 lb. test line
  • General Tackle - Over 14 lb. test line
  • Fly Rod - 20 lb. test tippet or less

Official Waters

Fish must be caught in waters of Berkeley, Charleston, or Dorchester Counties. Offshore catches must be made in boats leaving from and returning to waters between South Santee River and South Edisto River. It is permissible to enter fish caught in the Edisto River and its tributaries and the Santee River provided boats launch from and return to the tri-county area. See Classes of Eligible Fish for Inshore/Offshore species listing.

Weighing Stations

All fish should be weighed at an official Trident Fishing Tournament Weigh Station (the weigh station’s scale must be certified by the SC Department of Agriculture). Any other eligible fish weighed in must be done so on a state-certified scale and attested to by a Trident Fishing Tournament committee member. If the weigh station’s scale is not certified by the Department of Agriculture, it is the responsibility of the weigh station to correct the scale and get re-certified or remove the tournament signage from their location. Anglers may not weigh-in their own fish. Anglers - not weigh stations - are responsible for submiting entry cards.

Enter All Eligible Fish

Anglers are encouraged to enter all eligible fish as this will count toward selection of outstanding anglers, outstanding boats, and special awards.


All entries will be approved and judged by the tournament committee. Selection to be based on overall performances as determined from valid entry forms and participation in the Ecology Program. Questionable entries will be disqualified. Decisions of the judges are final.


No duplicate awards will be made. Earliest entry will be named winner.


Plaques will be awarded for heaviest eligible fish in each tackle division at the annual awards banquet. Charter boat/captain can only fish under the charter category, not the recreational category.

Special Awards

  • Outstanding Saltwater Angler, Inshore & Offshore
  • Outstanding Freshwater Angler, Male, Female, Youth
  • Outstanding Lady Angler, Inshore & Offshore
  • Outstanding Youth (16 yrs. & Under), Inshore & Offshore
  • Outstanding Light Tackle Award, includes Ultra-light, Inshore & Offshore
  • Outstanding Fly Fishing Award
  • Ecology Award (based on release points), Male, Female, Youth, Recreational Boat (Inshore & Offshore), and Charter Boat (Inshore & Offshore)
  • Boat Award - Inshore & Offshore (recreational and charter)
  • Special Recognition Awards (special awards based on merit). No minimum weight required for certificates for youth
  • New Tournament Record
  • Outstanding Catfish Award*
  • Outstanding Shark Award*
  • Outstanding Conservation Angler Award
 *Please note that all Shark and Catfish catches will be judged exclusively for the Outstanding Shark and Outstanding Catfish awards. Shark and Catfish entries will not be used in judging any other outstanding awards.

Certificates & Tournament Decals

A Master Angler’s Certificate will be awarded weekly to each angler entering an eligible fish meeting or exceeding the minimum weight requirements. Certificates will be presented for each eligible fish entered. An official decal of the tournament will be awarded to each angler entering.

Photo Contest

Photo contest runs November 1-October 31. You may enter the contest by sending any size “sport-fishing” photo from the tri-county area. Photos may be mailed or submitted via email.
  • 1st Place - $100 and photo will be on front cover of brochure
  • 2nd Place - $75 and photo will be on front cover of brochure
  • 3rd Place - $50 and photo will be in brochure
  • 4th Place - $25 and photo will be in brochure