Wedding Yoga

It's one of the most exciting days of your life, but last minute details, family, and emotions can get in the way of truly enjoying your day. Wedding yoga is a memorable way to connect with the people you treasure and honor the true spirit of two people in love. All classes include yoga poses, meditation, and breathing exercises. They can be customized to meet your requests. Choose from an active power yoga/flowing vinyasa style, a relaxing/restorative yoga style, or a class that incorporates a mixture of both.


$150 per hour for 1-10 students, plus $15 per person greater than 10 with venue rental booking. Special rates available for groups larger than 20. We will provide mats (as needed) and music.


  • The Lake House at Bulow
  • Old Towne Creek County Park
  • Laurel Hill County Park 


Wedding yoga must be booked at least two months prior to the event. Payment for wedding yoga services is made in full 30 days after booking. For more information, please contact Park & Program Services at 843-795-4386 or by email.