Ukweli: Searching for Healing Truth

Ukweli is Swahili for "Truth," and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Committee identified four truths: forensic, personal, social, and healing. Our poetry, lecture, and dialogue series seeks healing truth as poet and writer Horace Mungin reads his poetry in a place created to enslave his ancestors. The reading will be followed by black scholars and authors who contextualize the poems. Radio host Osei Chandler moderates discussions around Black perspectives of history that are often minimalized at historic sites and museums.

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  1. A Dark Darkness: 9/26
  2. Black Women in History: 10/10
  3. Dehumanization of Africans in America & Jim Crow: 10/24
  4. The Bible & The Rope: 11/7
  5. Establishing the Literary Link: 11/21

A Dark Darkness

September 26  at 1 p.m.

The poems "Khadija" and "The Lashing of Patsey of Bayou Boeuf Plantation" recall the Atlantic Slave Trade and the brutal treatment allotted to Africans after arrival. In this exploration, led by author Herb Frazier, it is revealed how slave labor built the American economy that privileged so many generations of white Americans.

Horace MunginOsei Chandler

Herb Frazier

Ukweli: Searching for Healing Truth is made possible by the Charleston County Parks Foundation and the generous support of The Joanna Foundation.