Leftovers Race

A Virtual Distance Challenge!

Welcome to the Charleston County Parks virtual "Leftovers Race!" With this virtual challenge, our winners are getting the best of the prizes and awards we still have from past races. It may be a coffee mug, it may be a t-shirt, it could even be a necklace! 

Awards will be distributed to the top three male and female participants with the most distance logged! Additional winners will be chosen at random to also win prizes. Each winner will receive the award of their choice, a Lowcountry Trail Run medallion necklace, Chili 5K soup to-go mug, or Charleston Sprint Triathlon coffee mug, and one free registration in the Lowcountry Trail Half Marathon & 5K on October 10. Also, the first 50 participants to join the challenge through Map My Fitness will receive a 2019 Charleston Sprint Triathlon racerback or crewneck tee shirt in performance fabric (sizes subject to availability). 

Winners will need to email our Fitness and Wellness Coordinator with their contact information.



  1. Chris Foushee with 239.2 miles
  2. Marc Flores with 89.09 miles
  3. Ian Anderson with 67.14 miles


  1. Terri Boteilho Stoyanov with 218.65 miles
  2. Katie Rowe with 155.06 miles
  3. Deanna Green with 139.5 miles

Random Winners-

  1. Adrian Meadows
  2. Howard Smith

We recommend using your smart phone to log workouts with MapMyFitness. If you choose to log workouts on your smart watch, IT issues will need be addressed directly with MapMyFitness or your smart watch manufacturer.

Getting Started with Map My Fitness App

Printable Tips, Tricks, and Instructions (PDF)

  1. To download, please visit your smartphone’s app store to get the free Map My Fitness application.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, set up a profile.
  3. After your profile is set up, please search for us under “Friends.” To get to the “Friends” tab, click on the three dots on the bottom right-hand side of your screen and then chose “Friends.”
  4. On the next screen, click “Find.”
  5. Search for Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission under the name “CCPRC Challenge."
  6. Send us a friend request.
  7. Close out of Map My Fitness and head to the Facebook event page for the “Leftovers Race” and RSVP to the challenge by choosing the option, “Going.”
  8. Once we are friends on Map My Fitness AND we receive a “Going” RSVP on our Facebook page we will send you an invite to join the Leftovers Race on Map My Fitness.
  9. Navigate back to your Map My Fitness App.
  10. Accept the invite to the challenge by clicking the trophy button at the bottom of the screen and choosing “New Challenges.”
  11. Click  “Join Challenge” at the bottom of the screen to begin participating.

How to Track your Workouts on your Smartphone

The app’s home page is the “Track Workout” screen. If you find yourself needing to return to this page but don’t know how, tap the stopwatch icon in the middle of the navigation menu along the bottom of the screen. Begin by heading to the “Track Workout” screen by clicking the stopwatch icon at the bottom of your screen.

  1. Once you have been accepted to a challenge and you are able to view your profile on the leaderboard you can start logging in workouts to count towards the challenge.
  2. Begin by heading to the “Track Workout” screen by clicking the stopwatch icon at the bottom of your screen. After you start recording a workout, the app will track your route and display your workout statistics, including distance, duration, pace and calorie burn.
  3. Make sure to choose your activity as “Run.”  The Map my Fitness Distance Challenge will ONLY record your workout and count it as part of the challenge if you choose the “Run” activity. This does not mean you need to run the entire time you are doing your workout. In fact, you could walk the entire time and it will still count it as a run. However, your activity MUST be set to Run in order to be counted in the challenge. 
  4. Once your workout settings are correct, tap “Done” to return to the Track Workout screen. Then tap the green “Start Workout” button to begin recording workout.
  5. After you start recording a workout, the app will track your route and display your workout statistics, including distance, duration, pace and calorie burn.
  6. To pause your workout, tap the “Pause Workout” button. Once paused, you can either resume your workout or end your workout. To end your workout, hold down the “HOLD TO FINISH” button.
  7. Your results will automatically be added to your individual stats on the Leftovers Race leaderboard. 

How to Track Workouts using your Smartwatch

Please note that we advise using your smartphone ONLY to track workouts. If you decide to track workouts using your smartwatch please note that we will not be able to assist with any technical difficulties you might encounter.

  1. Click on the three dots at the bottom right of the screen to access and choose “Apps and Devices."
  2. Choose from the list of smartwatch devices below and pair your watch with the Map My Fitness App. Please note that depending on your smartwatch you will most likely need to log your workout as a Run in order for it to load your stats to the challenge.

Tracking your Results in the Challenge

  1. Click on the trophy icon at the bottom of the screen and select “My Challenges”
  2. Choose the “Leftovers Race” to access the leaderboard.
  3. Results will be automatically logged and updated as each participant finishes an activity. The results will be listed in order from the person with the greatest distance in first place to the person with the least amount of distance in last place.
  4. Once the challenge is complete you can log in again to check the status and view your results.