Palmetto's Workshop

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Hi! I’m Palmetto, the Holiday Festival of Lights’ official Elf in the Park! When I'm not at the festival admiring all the sparkling lights and snacking on kettle corn, you can find me here at my workshop in the North Pole. My toy-making responsibilities keep me pretty busy during this time of year, so I'd love to have your help with some fun activities that can help us all get ready for the holiday season. And the best part? We can sing along to all the great holiday tunes provided by Y102.5! You can listen along right here, with the music player below! So grab your friends and family, and check back here each week for a special surprise activity, craft or treat all season long! 

Palmetto's Holiday Activities

As you’re driving through the Holiday Festival of Lights, keep looking out the windows to see if you can spot me! You never know where I might pop up: behind a tree, hanging out by a light sculpture, or taking a hot chocolate break... Wherever I am, if you see me, be sure to give me a wave and shout “Hello Palmetto!” and use the hashtag #IFoundPalmetto