Indoor Snowballs

While there may not be snow in the Lowcountry like I have in the North Pole, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a snowball fight! Check out how you can make your own snowballs with yarn and then gather your friends for a snowball battle. 


  • White yarn
  • Scissors


Gather your materials. White yarn and scissors

Cut a piece of yarn about 6 inches long and set it aside. Take the spool of yarn and wrap it around the palm of your hand several times to create a thick bundle.

White yarn wrapped around someone's hand

Cut with scissors to separate this from the rest of your yarn and carefully slide the bundle off your hand. Lay the bundle across the 6-inch piece of yarn you set aside earlier.

Ball of white yarn on top of a 6-inch piece of yarn

Tightly tie the 6-inch string around the middle of your bundle. Then, cut the loops of your bundle and fluff to create the snowball. Once you have your snowball cut and fluffed, you can also trim the 6-inch piece of string at this stage. 

Someone's hands trimming a white yarn ball

Give your snowball a final fluff and let the fun begin! 

Snowball made from white yarn

Follow the instructions again to create as many snowballs as you like! Once you're done with your mess-free snowball fight, these can even be repurposed to create a nice holiday decoration around the house!

Basket of snowballs made of white yarn