Countdown to the Holidays

Are you counting down the days to the holiday season? So are we! And we've got a special Holiday Counter that you and the whole family can use each day as you get in the spirit for the pending season!


  • Construction paper (pick your favorite holiday colors)
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Stapler


On the construction paper, place the ruler parallel to the short side and trace down the right side of the ruler.

A ruler on top of construction paper

Move the ruler over and place the left side on the pen line, then draw another line down the right side of the ruler.

Keep going until the whole paper is sectioned off. You'll get about 7 - 8 strips per sheet of paper depending on how wide your ruler is. 

Colorful construction paper on a desk

Cut out all the strips. You will want 26 strips total - 25 rings for the countdown and then one for the top. 

Roll one piece of paper into a circle and staple it. Put another strip of paper through the circle, then roll it and staple. Repeat this process to make a chain.  

A person stapling paper together

Add fun embellishments if you want to the last ring, like Christmas tree, bow or a mini wreath. This will be the top ring of your countdown to the holidays. 

Little girl holding a chain made of paper

Hang your chains on the wall near your tree or in a place where the kids can reach.

Use scissors to cut off one of the rings each day in December through Christmas morning in your countdown to the holidays!