Stono River County Park

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February 19, 2021 9:50 AM

Stono River County Park to close starting Monday, Feb. 22

Stono River County Park will be closed beginning Monday, February 22, for crews to remove trees infested by the Asian Longhorn Beetle. Charleston County Parks is working with Clemson Extension and the United States Department of Agriculture to remove the invasive beetle from the park.

We anticipate the work will not take longer than 2 weeks and will advise the public on our social media channels and website when it reopens.

Once the beetle infests a tree, there is no cure. The best line of defense against this devastating invasive pest is South Carolinians taking action and monitoring trees in their landscape for signs and symptoms of the beetle, which include branch dieback, crown defoliation, sawdust looking “frass” at tree base and shoots developing in abnormal places like the trunk.

Mature Asian long-horned beetles can range from one to one-and-a-half inches long, with four-inch-long antennas. The beetles are characterized by black and white spotted coloration and bluish feet.

If you have a declining tree, look closer for pencil-sized round exit holes, and dime-sized egg-laying pits on the lower branches and trunk, along with sawdust looking “frass” around the base of the tree.

A grant from the South Carolina Native Plant Society will go toward helping the agency replace the trees at Stono River County Park at a later time.

If you think you have found an Asian longhorned beetle or an infested tree, please take photos if possible and contact the ALB Program at Clemson University with location information at or call 843-973-8329.

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