Do I need to take a lesson in order to climb?

No. You can boulder in our facility without any instruction, and auto belays are available after a brief orientation. If you are a competent belayer you may take our belay test to demonstrate that you know how to operate all the equipment safely during any of our normal hours.

The belay test requires that you demonstrate your ability to: 1. Put on your harness correctly. 2. Tie into the climbing rope with a figure-eight follow-through knot. 3. Operate the belay device safely. 4. Catch two falls.

When you demonstrate these skills in front of staff, you will be issued a belay pass to attach to your harness that will exempt you from having to be tested each time you come in. If you cannot demonstrate these skills, you will be asked to come back another time to try again, or take our lesson.

If you don’t know how to belay, we recommend that you attend one of our Intro to Climbing classes.

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