What does the Introduction to Climbing Class cover?

The Introduction to Climbing Class covers:

  • Putting on your climbing harness correctly
  • Climbing gear, history, and terminology
  • How to tie into the rope using a figure-eight follow-through knot
  • How to operate the belay device safely to control the descent of your climbing partner
  • Basic climbing techniques to make the experience easier and more enjoyable
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1. How do I get started climbing?
2. Do I need to take a lesson in order to climb?
3. What does the Introduction to Climbing Class cover?
4. What is the difference between bouldering, top-roping, and lead climbing?
5. What is “Belaying?"
6. What is the minimum age to climb?
7. What is the minimum age to belay?
8. Do you offer hourly passes to climb?
9. Who can I call for more information?
10. Do I need a climbing partner?
11. How can I find a climbing partner?
12. Do I need to make a reservation to climb?
13. What should I wear and bring with me?
14. Can I bring my children to climb?
15. I already know how to belay, but my friend doesn’t. Can I teach them?
16. Isn’t climbing really dangerous?