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Accessibility Advisory Committee

  1. Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission would like to invite members from the community to serve on the Accessibility Advisory Committee. This new committee will be made up of 8-10 representatives from Charleston County and is intended to represent the diversity of disabilities found in our community.
  2. Committee Functions
    1. Serve as a bridge between CCPRC and the local community of individuals with disabilities, acting as our advocates in their groups and amongst their peers.

    2. Advise CCPRC on services, programs, and opportunities for individuals with disabilities that may be lacking in the Charleston community, make recommendations to CCPRC for inclusion.

    3. Suggest opportunities to educate agency staff and serve as one of our expert resources.

    4. Visit parks/facilities, programs/events, and navigate agency services (such as visiting our website or registering for a program) to audit accessibility and provide feedback regarding their experiences to appropriate CCPRC staff.
  3. Application Process

    Please fill out and submit the application below. The application process will be open through April 23 with member selection to take place within 2 weeks after the application process ends.

    If you require assistance completing this form, or have any other questions, please contact or 843-795-4386.

  4. This information is requested solely to give us the best opportunity to ensure the diversity of the committee mirrors the diversity of Charleston County’s population. Providing it is voluntary and will be kept confidential in accordance with the ADA.
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