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Share Your Fun!

  1. Show us how you enjoy your county parks!
    Your photos provide a window to the natural beauty and memory-making events that define the Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission.
  2. Photo Submission Guidelines
    1. Only send photos taken personally by you or your family for non-professional and non-commercial purposes.
    2. Please do not submit photos that include close-up depictions of people who are not aware of the photo or who would not necessarily appreciate their photo being posted on the online.
    3. By submitting any image, you are indicating you have read and understood these guidelines and agree to its terms.
    4. CCPRC reserves the right to crop or resize your image so that it fits the format of our web gallery.
    5.We will publish information on where the photo was taken and identify the people in the photo (if desired), so be sure to include that information as well.
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