Natural & Cultural Resource Management

As the population expands and development increases in and around Charleston County, we continue to make efforts to protect and care for the unique natural and cultural resources found throughout its parkland properties. Properly managed land assures the preservation and protection of these resources and promotes healthy natural forests and open space areas, important to maintaining wildlife and vegetative habitats. We strive to continue to locate, protect and preserve our cultural resources so we may continue to learn and interpret the vast history of Charleston County for present and future generations.


One of our primary goals, along with providing recreational opportunities, has been to acquire land that will protect wetlands, forests, and historically significant sites. Our parklands account for 1.4% of Charleston County. The agency owns over 11,000 acres, the majority of which remains undeveloped. Since 2005, over 5,000 additional acres have been purchased, representing 46% of the total CCPRC acreage. This significant increase to CCPRC’s holdings, combined with the original parkland properties, has created an extensive inventory of natural and cultural resources worthy of conscientious protection and thoughtful management.


Today, numerous steps are being taken or are already in place to protect some of the parkland’s most valuable resources:

  • Conservation easements have been placed on several properties to limit construction and maximize natural habitats.
  • Forest management plans have enhanced habitat through thinning and controlled burns, thereby creating greater biodiversity.
  • Habitats that recreate the natural environment and remove man-made barriers have been restored.
  • Research, inventory, and analysis is ongoing
  • Public education has been conducted.

We are committed to protecting our natural and cultural resources that represent some of the highest quality examples and the greatest volume of publicly-owned natural landscapes and cultural heritage in Charleston County.