Mount Pleasant Pier Rules

The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission has Agency Rules and Regulations (PDF) that establish uniform procedures for the administration of activities within all parks and facilities. In addition to the established agency rules, the rules set forth below also govern the Mount Pleasant Pier.  

  • No outside alcohol is permitted, except those purchased from the Riverwatch Café and select special events.
  • No loud music, profanity, or rude behavior.
  • No jumping from pier or standing on pier railings.
  • No inline skates, skateboards, or scooters. Bicycles are permitted when ridden safely among pier traffic.
  • No open flames, including lanterns, stoves, or grills.
  • No fireworks.
  • All Memorial Waterfront Park and Town of Mount Pleasant rules and ordinances apply.
  • Dogs, other than service animals, are not permitted on the pier.

General Fishing Guidelines

  • Valid fishing pass must be visible at all times.
  • Two rods per person will be allowed, but must be fished from one fishing station or rod holder.
  • Do not leave rod unsupervised.
  • Do not leave your cooler or equipment in another fishing station.
  • Inhumane handling of wildlife will not be tolerated.
  • Release all fish or rays if they are not to be consumed.
  • All size and catch limits per SCDNR regulations must be followed.
  • Shark fishing is prohibited. Any sharks caught accidentally must be released.

Bottom Fishing Tackle Size Limits

  • Hooks must be size 4/0 or smaller.
  • Whole bait must be the size of finger mullet or smaller.


  • Landing nets are to be used only for landing a catch.
  • Do not use landing nets for crabbing.
  • Sharks are not allowed in landing nets. 
  • Return landing nets to designated spot when finished.
  • Cast nets may be used in areas that do not disrupt other’s fishing.

Tournament Rules

  • All size and catch limits per SCDNR regulations must be followed.
  • Catches must be of a species with scales - sharks and rays are not eligible.
  • In order to be eligible, catches must be caught after paying tournament fees.
  • Catches must be weighed in before the end of the tournament.
  • To be considered, catches must be reeled in by the angler with minimal assistance from others.
  • Anglers are eligible for one category only.
  • In case of a tie, the winner is whomever first weighed in their fish.