SK8 Charleston Rules

The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission has Agency Rules and Regulations (PDF) that establish uniform procedures for the administration of activities within all parks and facilities. In addition to the established agency rules, the rules set forth below also govern SK8 Charleston.  

  1. Skateboards, BMX bikes, in-line skates, and quads allowed at designated times only.
  2. No other equipment is permitted.
  3. All participants must pay fee and have an Activity Waiver on file for entry. Participants under the age of 18 must have their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) sign the waiver.
  4. All participants must wear industry standard helmets with securely fastened chinstrap and closed toe shoes at all times.
  5. Protective pads are strongly recommended.
  6. Children 12 and under must be under the supervision of an adult 18 years of age or older at all times.
  7. No weapons, smoking, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, or illegal drugs of any kind will be permitted inside the park.
  8. No alcohol allowed except when sold during special events.
  9. Graffiti, tagging, stickering, or defacing park property is prohibited.
  10. Glass bottles or containers are not permitted inside the park.
  11. Take pride in your park; don’t litter!
  12. Metal pegs, metal pedals, and metal end caps/plugs on handle bars are not allowed on BMX bikes.
  13. Pets are not permitted inside the park.
  14. Park staff has the discretion to deny access due to inadequate equipment, violation of rules, safety concerns, inclement weather, and special event programming.
  15. Anyone entering when the park is closed is trespassing and subject to arrest and loss of future skate park privileges.
  16. Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission reserves the right to use photos and videos taken of visitors at this facility for publicity purposes without consent or compensation.
  17. Etiquette
  18. Courteous conduct is expected! Disruptive behavior or language, including failure to obey safety requirements and rules, may result in removal from skate park and loss of future skate park privileges.
  19. Skate and ride within your ability, and maintain control at all times.
  20. Be patient, and wait for your turn in the park.
  21. Skaters/riders have the right of way. Spectators, please exercise caution and YIELD to skaters/riders.