SK8 Charleston Skateboarding Lessons

Group Lessons

Group lessons are great for beginners or those with little to no experience skateboarding. Students will be taught:

  • Components of a skateboard
  • Safety Equipment
  • Skate park etiquette 
  • Stance – Regular or Goofy
  • Foot placement on the board
  • Pushing, carving, keeping your momentum, and turning
  • How to fall safely

Group lessons are posted to our program calendar and fill up quickly. Sign up to be notified when group lessons are posted.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are great for those at an intermediate or advanced level of skateboarding who are looking for a specialized, one-on-one session. Our team will match the skater with the right instructor based upon the skater's skill level, availability and the skills they're hoping to learn or perfect.

To request an individual lesson, simply fill out an interest form and a SK8 Charleston staff member will contact you. 

Check out our staff bios to learn more about our SK8 Charleston instructors!

Skateboarding Lessons Equipment Information

Helmets are required, and pads are recommended. We will provide skateboards, helmets, and pads (wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads) at no additional cost during lessons. Skaters may use their own industry-standard equipment.