Series Championship

Congratulations to our 2019 Series Champions!

How it Works

  • Only the BEST three scores from each athlete are used to determine the final series score. This practice is geared to reward performance and not number of events raced.
  • The top five men's times will be used to create an average time into which all men's times will be divided. The top five women's times will be used to create an average time into which all women's times are divided.
  • All male participants' times will be divided into this average male "base" time to create raw scores (same for females).
  • Scores are weighted by race. CSTS Races 1-4 are weighted 1.0, and the CSTS Championship Race 5 is weighted 2.0 (double).
Series Scoring Example (From 2016 CSTS - Race 2)
* The five lowest men's times are:

  • The base time becomes 00:59:13.2 (the average of the five).
  • All male times are divided into 00:59:13.2.
  • The winner of the race (00:57:19) receives a base score of 1.033207 (00:57:19 divided into 00:59:13.2).
  • The fifth place finisher (01:00:08) receives a base score of 0.984812 (01:00:08 divided into 00:59:13.2).
  • The base score is then multiplied by the event weight index for that particular event.
  • For purposes of this example, this event is the 2016 CSTS Race 2.
  • 2016 CSTS Race 2 has an event weight index of 1.0.
  • The winner of the event would receive a score of 10332 (1.033207 X 1.0 X 10000).
  • This same method would be used to calculate women's scores, based off the top five women’s times.
  • Tie breaks will be determined by the finish order in Race 5.
  • For series purposes, an athlete’s race age will be determined by their age as of CSTS Race 1 for that year.

In Summary

  • To establish the event score for participants, all times are divided into the base average time and then multiplied by the event weight index, then multiplied by 10000 to make the number an integer. Men's and women's times will be calculated separately.
  • This same process will apply for females. The fastest female time will become the "base" time that all female times are measured against.
  • Timing System: ChampionChip timing system

Age Groups

For each of the 5 Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series races, your age for your respective age group will be your age on the date of the first race of the series, regardless of which races you participate in. Please make sure that your date of birth has been submitted at the time of registration.


Series Champions (first place only) will receive specially-designed awards at the awards ceremony following the August race. In addition, the top three men and women in the Open/Elite Division will earn automatic entry into the following year CSTS.


The August Championship Race has always had the highest demand for entry. Be careful not to get closed out of this race.