Ocean Rescue Lifeguards

United States Lifesaving Association logoBecome a Charleston County Lifeguard

Charleston County Parks has been an Advanced Certified Lifeguard Agency with the United States Lifesaving Association since 1994, and each Ocean Rescue Lifeguard is certified to the level of a South Carolina Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Responder or higher.

We begin recruiting lifeguard and aquatic safety staff in December. Search for available opportunities online.

Employee Benefits

  • Paid uniform
  • Paid training 
  • Paid Ocean Rescue lifeguard, Emergency Medical Responder and CPR certification
  • Approx. $2,500 Value per employee

Ocean Rescue Lifeguard Requirements 

  • Must be 16 years-old
  • Must complete an interview with management staff
  • Must complete a physical fitness test to include, but not limited to: 
    • 500 meters (550 yards) swim test in nine minutes (pool) or 10 minutes (open water)
    • One-mile run in 7:45 (track) or eight minutes (beach)
  • Must pass a drug test
  • Must complete all scheduled pre-season trainings, including Rookie School for first-year Ocean Rescue Lifeguards and Surf School for all Ocean Rescue Lifeguards

Minimum Weekly Training Requirements

  • Run 5 miles 
  • Swim 1,600 yards 
  • Paddle 1,600 yards on paddleboard 
  • Kayak 1,600 yards 
  • Practice spinal immobilization and rescue techniques for 30 minutes 
  • Practice Adult, Child, and Infant CPR at least twice a week for a total of no less than 30 minutes in each category 
  • Practice the use of the AED, Suction, and First Aid for at least 30 minutes each week
  • Practice rescues and drills will be held regularly without notice. Each situation should be addressed as if it were an actual rescue.