Camper Code of Conduct

The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission is committed to providing campers with opportunities to learn by doing and experience personal success. We strive to promote self-confidence, decision-making and social skills, and environmental awareness in each camper. Our philosophy focuses on the need and growth of both the individual camper and the overall group. In order to maintain a positive and safe environment, our campers are expected to follow this code of conduct.

Be respectful by...
  • treating others as I would like to be treated with respect and courtesy.
  • openly listening to others thoughts and opinions.
  • not taking part or leading any bullying, harassment, name calling, unwanted teasing or exclusion of others.
  • respecting other campers’ belongings and camp equipment/supplies.

Be responsible by...
  • wearing appropriate clothing/shoes to camp each day.
  • informing camp staff of challenges you have with another camper, activity, or other situation. If staff is not informed, they may not be able to stop the problem or provide assistance.
  • leaving my cell phone or other electronic devices at home.
  • accepting personal responsibility for my actions.

Be positive by...
  • communicating appropriately, which excludes the use of foul language, gestures, harsh words, or slurs.
  • actively showing support to the activities, campers, and staff.

Be committed by:

  • having fun, learning, making new friends, and having new positive experiences.
  • challenging myself to actively participate in all of the scheduled activities.
  • staying with my group.

Be safe by...
  • following (and encouraging others to follow) all rules and regulations provided by counselors and/or the facilities that are being utilized.
  • refraining from deliberately causing bodily harm. I understand that pushing, hitting, kicking, and fighting are not acceptable behaviors and will not be tolerated.

As a member of the camp, I understand that this experience is for ALL campers, and if my behavior is deemed to be outside the code of conduct and/or unmanageable, any of the following may be a result:
  • Verbal counseling from camp staff
  • Timeout from scheduled activities
  • Camp Report (documentation and Parent/Guardian notification)
  • Parent/Guardian conference
  • Suspension or dismissal from camp
*It is the expectation that the parent/guardian will review with their child and each camper will understand/follow the guidelines of the Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission’s Summer Camp Code of Conduct.