A Message of Unity and Healing

As Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission welcomes back our community we want your parks to be a place to unify and heal from the pandemic, impacts of racial injustice, and any crisis you may be experiencing. We believe parks are a place of healing. They heal our bodies, minds, and spirits. While we have much to learn, our mission is to improve the quality of life in Charleston County and we are committed to being a part of the solution.

As you visit your parks take a moment to observe the diverse nature that inhabits them. All of the natural world is interwoven - sharing resources, reliant on each other, and peacefully coexisting. Nature can inspire us to value our diversity while seeking to listen and understand with compassion. 

What we will do to unify and heal:

  • Offer diverse parks, programs and services, such as natural and cultural history programs, and opportunities in the rural areas to create a more equitable culture in our community.
  • Be a resource and partner for individuals and organizations wishing to learn about our shared history while working to create a supportive community. 
  • Remove barriers to our parks and programs, and ensure we are providing access to all. 
  • Be guided by our core values, which include community enrichment, diversity & inclusion, accessibility, and safety as we work to fulfill our mission and vision. 

Parks can be a pathway to a peaceful reconciliation, and we invite all to join us in creating a community where every individual is valued and accepted. 

David Bennett

David Bennett Signature (PNG)

Executive Director

Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission