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Special Event Interest Application

  1. Thank you for your interest in hosting an event in one of your Charleston County Parks! This application serves to learn more about your event and provides you with guidance so you can plan a successful event. Submitting this application does not guarantee approval or reserve a Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission (CCPRC) facility or shelter or guarantee availability of one.
  2. Who needs to apply for approval?

    Complete this application if one or more of the following conditions are true:

    • Your event invites the general public to attend.
    • Your event will charge attendees admission/fees to attend or participate.
    • Your event is a recreational activity including, but not limited to, a run/walk, educational class, or fitness class.
    • Your event expands beyond the footprint of a shelter (e.g. multiple vendors, multiple inflatables, activities in adjacent meadows, etc.).
  3. Who does not need to apply for approval?

    If you are not marketing to or inviting the general public, and your rental is for a closed group (e.g. family reunion, wedding reception, end-of-season party for your sports team, etc.), you do not need to submit this application for approval.

    If your event does not require approval according to the above criteria, but does require a facility rental, please visit our Rental Facilities page to learn more about venues that can accommodate various group sizes in facilities across the county.

  4. Does an application need to be submitted for an event that has been hosted at Charleston County Parks previously?

    An application must be completed for each event that meets the application criteria above no matter the size of your event or if you previously held the event in one of our parks or facilities.

    Each event requires a separate application and, if an event is recurring, a separate application must be submitted for each event. Reminder: This application does not constitute an agreement between Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission and the applicant.

  5. Are there events that are not allowed?

    Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission reserves the right to refuse events. Any event where alcohol is served without $1,000,000 or more liability insurance will not be approved.

  6. How far in advance should the form be submitted?

    Forms should be submitted no less than three months and no more than 12 months prior to the event date.

  7. If the application is approved, who is responsible for event participants adhering to rules?

    You, as the applicant, are responsible. By completing this form, you agree that, if approved, your event and its participants will abide by all the rules established by Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission at all times.

  8. Application Review

    Submission of this application does not guarantee approval, and you must agree to the following list of rules in order for your application to be reviewed:

  9. Charleston County Parks are family-friendly facilities, and we expect all guests to behave accordingly. By submitting this application, I agree that, if my application is approved, everyone at my event will follow all rules. Violation may be cause for removal from the facility without a refund.*
  10. I agree that my organization/participants will pay any applicable fees, (e.g., gate admission, facility/shelter rental fee, assistance from park staff or park lifeguards if needed, vendor fees, park equipment rental if needed, off-duty police officers and/or EMS if required, etc.)*
  11. I understand and I assume all risk and responsibility for regulating the consumption of alcohol. I agree that I will be prepared to provide transportation through a designated driver or service in the event that I have reason to believe any person has consumed alcoholic beverages in excess of the legal limits and intends to operate a motor vehicle. I acknowledge that activities may be inspected at any time by CCPRC or any public authorities, including law enforcement authorities, to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.*
  12. I agree that my organization will abide by local town and city ordinances and will provide proof to Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission of any necessary municipal permits required by the city in which you are having your event before the event date.*
  13. I agree that Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission will determine if vendors will be permitted at your event. Vending booths must be pre-approved by CCPRC. Types of vendors might include, but are not limited to, food, drink, souvenirs, and sponsors. If vendors are permitted at your event, CCPRC may charge vendors a fee.*
  14. I agree that only park/facility location may be listed on event promotional materials. The Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission logo or image should not be reproduced in any way. No advertising or promotional materials will mention or imply that the event is presented by, sponsored by, or is partners with Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission or any of its parks or facilities.*
  15. I agree that Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission does not promote or market outside events.*
  16. I understand that events are generally held during the facility's normal operating hours. Events applying to be held outside of normal operating hours may be less likely to be approved and/or require additional fees for staffing, etc. *
  17. I agree that vehicles will not be permitted to drive anywhere other than in designated areas.*
  18. I agree that live or amplified music or announcements of any type must be noted in this form and approved before the event. Music and announcements must be family-friendly and kept at reasonable levels so as to not disrupt other facility patrons or adjacent properties.*
  19. I understand that an on-site meeting with park/event staff may be required prior to approval of your event.*
  20. I understand that that if my event plans to use any special event equipment such as beverage wagons, port-o-lets, tents, jump castles, amusement equipment or other such activities, I must receive approval from park management for each before the event. Equipment that is brought for an event must be removed from the park immediately following the event.*
  21. What type of organization do you represent?*
  22. Section 1: Applicant & Proposed Event Information
  23. Park Requested*
  24. Please note:

    Park and shelter use varies greatly by season, time of day, and location. Being flexible in scheduling your event for times when parks or shelters have less demand or being flexible in moving your event to a less used park may increase the likelihood that your event will be approved.

  25. Please be as detailed as possible, and include any attachments or promotional items that might better explain the purpose of your event.  List any information about vendors, kid's area, tents, etc. 

  26. (Optional)

  27. (Optional)

  28. (Optional)

  29. If fees will be charged to participants, list each and what is provided for each fee.

  30. Is your event a recreational activity?*

    Includes, but is not limited to, a run/walk, educational class, or fitness class.

  31. Are you having live or amplified music or announcements outdoors at your event?*
  32. Will your event have alcohol? *
  33. I understand that I must provide evidence of liability insurance for the event in the amount of $1,000,000 if my event includes alcohol.
  34. Are members of the general public allowed to attend this event?*
  35. This includes, but is not limited to, set-up, break-down, parking, restrooms, trash removal, etc. These services must be agreed upon with Park personnel prior to the event. 

  36. I understand that additional fees may be required depending on staffing and facility requirements. *
  37. This includes, but is not limited to, access to electricity, water, etc.

  38. Section 2 - Non-Profit Organizations Only
  39. Are the funds raised at your event for your own organization?
  40. Section 3 - Other Organizations & For-Profit Organizations Only
  41. Will any of the profit be donated to non-profit organizations?
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